Stille Post – Was wir weitergeben

"What language are we talking in? Where are you most comfortable? Is there such a thing as a woman's body? What luxuries do you allow yourself? What work do you do without pay?" These are the questions that the two young women from Favoriten, Alena Ijaz, and Maria Poljak, asked their mothers, aunts, and friends. They discussed the topics of self-confidence, private spaces, work, and money with women from their environment. Why do young women meet less often in public places in the evening than men? Can heavy work also be done with long nails? What is unfair? Answers to these questions are provided by sensual, poetic works that artist Cosima Terrasse has condensed into an exhibition and therefore in a publication.


Publication Design,
Photography, 2020

Type: Garamond FB Text,
Neue Haas Unica, Freight Big Pro
Paper: Bio Top 3, Garda Gloss

150 numbered copies

Made for

Cosima Terrasse
Kulturhaus Brotfabrik Wien


Contributions by: Dilruba Erkan, Veronika Hackl,
Alena Ijaz, Hibat-UllahKhelifi, Maria Poljak, Cosima Terrasse
Proofreading DE: Andrea Visotschnig
Proofreading EN: Catharine-Sophie Eibl,
Print: Quatro Print