Many young (and older) city dwellers dream of a life in the countryside. At the latest when this wish turns into a concrete interest, various fears arise: What does everyday life in a small village really look like? Would the local people even accept me? Where do I have to go to meet locals?

The project “Landprobe” addresses exactly these questions and encourages so-called “Landschwärmer*innen” – people who have the desire to move to the countryside but do not dare to – to be curious and rehearse country life for a week in a fast-paced way. The aim of the project is to expand their own possibilities for action by playing through the process of moving in and arriving.


Publication Design, 2020

Type: Agrandir
Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso,
Impact Recycling 100%

Made for

Magdalena Hubauer and Katharina Spanlang
University of Applied Arts Vienna


Image editing: Gabriela Urrutia Reyes
Web Design: Raphael Volkmer