The Network Wall

The Network Wall is an interactive installation of hand-printed linocut prints of previously laser-cut cardboards. Exhibition visitors can grab, fill and hang their own to contribute to the wall pattern of playful custom-IDs. The installation was supported by a video tutorial on how to fill and hang the cards.

Each card explores notions of identity, life struggles, questions of belonging – among other things. It is a playful and process-oriented approach to the creation of a “network” system where actually people are not connected to each other but rather related by common interests and issues.

Around 200 cards were hand-printed before the exhibition and ca. 125 were filled after the installation was demounted. Everyone seems to me a standing-alone artwork from all the interesting people who decided to contribute to it.


Interactive Installation, 2019

Linocut printed cardboards
12,3 x 20,3 cm

01:13', color, Full-HD


Camera & Video-editing: Anna Vasof
Photo 1/8: © Joachim Kremm


Exhibited at the Galerie Freihausgasse Villach
"Wo ist das Kind? - Kunst in der Stadt"
07.11. – 08.12.2019